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"Post a single sentence paragraph bit from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations."

1. Roxas sighed. "I am not an evildoer," he said.

2. “I’ve talked to your AI,” Aang says, still contemplative. “The ship remembers being Appa.” And then, even more thoughtfully, “I think when Appa died, his soul would have wanted to keep flying.”

3. [Azula had] never admitted to being lonely. She’d learned from her father, early on, that loneliness was for the weak, the simple-minded. Other people were useful- but that was all they were. 

4. “I don’t know how to be human,” GLaDOS said.
Chell’s hands moved, spelling out one letter at a time for the words GLaDOS didn’t know. “There isn’t a wrong way,” Chell’s hands wrote in the air.

And just for fun, though this is more of a bunny than a WIP:

5. . All of your friends’ faces are twisted into something strange and mournful. Well, as twisted as a face can get, when it is literally flat and everyone is made of cubes.

Jeez, not as many as last time I did this meme. But hey, that's because I'm finishing things faster than I'm starting them, I guess? (One or two of these are the same as last time, though. Yikes. I'd better finish those up)


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